Kodiak Boots Review is All About it’s History and Other Things, Since 1910 Kodiak has been providing prestigious quality shoes for multiple uses. It proved to be one of the best shoe companies in Canada by crafting shoes for military benefits in world war II. After 1970 they made their name in the shoe company more resourceful by introducing trend-making designs. The boots with Kodiak mean they are Canadian and made to last long.

Kodiak Men's Boots Review

The experience from tough to trenders gave them a positive push toward saturation in the market. Their made shoes are hard, stubborn enough to last forever and unique in design with durable agility. They pride themselves on Canada’s Boot brand, and their making is also in Canada since 2006. The boots are multi ventured, look great and are best for active lifestyles.

KODIAK Men’s Magog Waterproof Ankle Boot

Suppose you are looking for a pair of durable, comfortable shoes and have perfect looks. In that case, Kodiak men’s Magog is the ideal choice for you. The Kodiak Magog has cemented bond welt construction with a padded suede cuff and features waterproof leather along with a heavy rubber rugged sole.

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  • Slip resistance
  • Rubber tread
  • Microfiber lining

In freezing cold temperatures, they will work fine as while working, you are in continuous movement, making your feet warm.

Shoes have well construction for casual as well as working criteria usage. So, it can be used for both streetwear and workwear purposes. Due to this, workers and outdoor travelers both are paying respect to this boot. Many shoes from Kodiak, like the Rover series, embrace 400g of insulation. But Magog has only 200G of insulation which makes it a better option for workwear and a winter boot.

Although this may be a drawback, just to mention, none of our reviewers reported they were feeling their feet cold after wearing the Magog. And even in freezing cold temperatures, they will work fine as while working, you are in continuous movement, making your feet warm.


I always prioritize style and design, while buying a shoe doesn’t matter, even for workwear. Well, if you need a pair of sleek designed shoes you can use for your work and also for a casual walk, then Magog has got your back. Ultimate usage design with perfect construction gives a formal look with better insulation if you are working in a cold area. The insole is removable if it gets warm more than the need. 


A comfortable shoe means a relaxing walk which means a new mood and a healthy body. Imagine wearing shoes with a stiff sole, and it cost you double the price of usual shoes but still lands you uncomfortable. You will think what a mess you bought home. But not in the case of Magog. These are supernatural designs with non-slippery soles.

Not so hard to slip and not so soft to tingle around, just the perfect gripping rugged sole to provide maximum traction with any type of ground. It feels super comfortable to wear these while working, trekking, hiking, travelling and even running. So you have what you need; just put it in the bucket to enjoy a comfortable walk, work or hike with Magog shoes. 


No one buys a pair of shoes to just get their one season cleared while wearing them. Maybe for some, but not in my case; I always choose long shoes until my foot size changes. In some instances, the fitting loses or gets Tight where we need to take a new pair home for us.

We all need shoes that can bear both situations, which do not get loose or fit hard. Durable enough to last till we want them to stay, so if this is the concern, Magog is the one with such durability. They are made with nubuck waterproof leather and rubber soles with stiff waterproof stitching and removable inner soft sole. All these features make it entirely comfortable and durable to last forever.


  • Waterproof leather
  • Slip resistance
  • Rubber tread
  • Microfiber lining 
  • Removable foam insole
  • Two sets of laces each


  • Insulation is 200g

Kodiak Boots Review Conclusion:

Selecting a boot could be a challenging job as you need to check many things at one time. This is not a one time purchase, but it should be for a long time as an average person does not buy shoes every day just to use them as their working pair. So, helping you choose the best from the rest is what this review is all about. Don’t rush to buy a pair without checking the options.

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