How To Wash Work Boots Introduction

Work boots are used by workers and manufacturers in different worksites and warehouses. They become dusty, dirty and develop stains due to daily use in many industries. Workers and manufacturers wear work boots in hostile conditions. They are exposed to dust, dirt, mud, sand, waste etc. The point is if we don’t clean or wash our work boots then given conditions manipulate your boots and their quality badly.

They need cleaning and washing for routine purposes. You also need neat and clean boots for various jobs in daily life. For good looking and clean boots washing and cleaning are required and necessary. So, I brought some ways to wash your work boots in a professional manner.

How To Wash Work Boots

The work boots are very durable and can survive as long as you treat them better. They will last for a long time. They have hard, tough builts to be used for a long period of time. A little bit of gentle care from your side for a few minutes per day keeps them in their original shape and neatness.

How To Take Care Of Your Work Boots?

Different stains do different things to your boots, and you can deal with each of them easily by using these steps.Now I’m going to discuss important steps for taking good care of your safety toe shoes or work shoes.So, follow the given points. You can also use your favourite soap in this process.

Remove The Laces

 First remove laces from your boots and you can also wash them separately after washing your boots.

Gently Take Off Mud And Dirt

 Using a piece of soft cloth or soft brush, gently clean your boots, discarding any piece of dirt and mud in it, don’t forget about insoles. Avoid firm brushes as they will deteriorate the leather.

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Clean With Soap

Get a mixture of 50/50 dish soap and water and instantly damp off with the solution on the entire outside. Apply a gentle rub on your work boots by using another wet cloth. Then dry your boots with a dryer or in exposure to sunlight.

Gently Apply Polish

Get a shiny polish from the market for your shoes. Apply them until your boots begin to shine. Enhancing their look and colors that make you feel happy.

Different Ways To Cean And Wash Your Dirty Work Boots

Generally, you can wash your work boots and steel toe shoes as well by using a water soap solution that is applied by microfiber cloth. Also to remove grease stains from the work boots, talcum powder is used. Moreover, lime juice is used for cleaning water based stains. And if you want to clean suede boots or shoes, you’ll need sodium bicarbonate.

Further,  In this article I’m going to tell you about proper cleaning and washing of safety toe shoes or other work boots.

How To Wash And Clean Dirty Steel Toe Work boots?

Follow the given points to wash your boots professionally. Let’s wash boots together to get rid of germs, bacteria, odour and different stains like grease stains and water based mud stains. 

1. Washing Your Work Boots From Grease Stains.

Procedure:Get a soft cloth first but microfiber cloth is perfect for removing oil blots. Don’t use it severely as it can damage your boots. Clean your boots as much as you can.Then sprinkle some talcum powder on your work boots and wait for at least 7 hours. After this step, Again get your microfiber cloth and rub off the remaining grease stains and spots from your boots. This will finish stains and provide a good look to your work boots again.

 how to clean work boots suede

2. Washing Water Based Mud Stains From Your Work Boots

Procedure: We can get rid of water based mud stains by using tartar cream or lemon juice. First apply tartar cream or lemon juice to stains and rub with lint free cloth. After this, remove tartar cream or lemon juice with the mentioned cloth and dry your boots. Finally, You are good to go.

Washing Your Suede Steel Toe Boots

By Using Sodium Bicarbonate

Apply Sodium bicarbonate to the stained areas and leave them for a night. Then rub the stained area of your boots with a special scrub toe brush. Dry them In a proper sunlight and congratulations, stains are gonna be cleaned. Enhancing your boots’ colors and neatness.

Pro Tips

  • Don’t forget to remove Insoles and shoe laces. Wash them separately.
  • After washing, Dry your work boots and apply conditioners for neatness and durability.