Are you annoyed with your cowboy boots because they are too tired? And have you purchased the new cowboy boots? Don’t worry if you’re buying new boots or old ones, and they’re tight to wear. regardless of, here is one of the best solutions to How To Stretch Cowboy Boots.

How To Stretch Out Cowboy Boots Fast

Three different ways will help you easily stretch cowboy boots at home to walk comfortably without getting tired. During searching, we have analyzed most of the cowboy boots made with cowhide leather to craft the western-style boots. Even more unusual versions of this famous boot style incorporate alligator, snake, or even ostrich skins.

But no matter what the leather designs with, here are the methods that can stretch your shoes more likely you can wear it freely. Yet you need to read the three steps that I have described below so that you can stretch your cowboy boots easily.

Methods To Stretch Cowboy Boots

Let’s take a look at the methods to stretch cowboy boots

Wear Boots With Two Pairs Of Socks

It is one of the easiest ways to wear socks and boots. If your boots are new, wear the stockings first and then your boots. After that, walk into your house until you feel the boots are loose.

However, the socks will slightly increase the boots in weight by stretching them. As you might expect, the pressure from your double-socked shoes exerts stress on the leather, stretching it and freeing up space for your feet.

How To Stretch Out Cowboy Boots Quickly

Submerge Them In Water

This method is the most drastic method to free the space of the western style boots. So, are you crazy about applying this method? Let’s fill a bathtub with lukewarm water. Submerge the cowboy boots as much as possible without allowing water to reach the inside. To keep the boots from floating, press down on the insoles with your palms.

Once you notice the insole getting slightly wet, put your boots out of the water. Put your boots on and slip on certain socks or tights. To minimize the unpleasant sensation of walking in wet boots, place a plastic bag over each sock.

Then, wear the soaked leather boots and walk around till they are entirely dry or nearly so. You will feel your boots will be stretch-free.

Freeze A Bag Of Water Within The Boots

The last and the most effective method is to freeze ice into your boots. Because water freezes into ice, it will expand. Same as your boots will be stretched once you place the freezing ice into it.

How To Stretch Shoes Immediately

So, take a gallon-sized bag and fill it with ½ of water and seal the bag. Try to seal the bag so that it will not leak out. Place the bag on the boot’s toe side, and then close it as best as you can.

Please leave it in your freezer for at least 8 hours and wait until the time is complete. After the 8 hours are completed, you will feel the boots will stretch. Gently remove the ice bucket from the freezer. However, this method is great for the small stretch of cowboy boots.


Once you find the perfect method from the above guide of how to stretch cowboy boots, I hope you can definitely stretch your boots by yourself the second time. So always concentrate on the right method to stretch your boots

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