How To Stop Feet From Sweating In Shoes Is The most annoying and problematic thing is sweating inside the feet. If you’re running or participating in a sport, you may encounter this irritation or difficulty that can also cause you to lose yourself in the game. But, if you want to stop sweat in your shoes, I have a solution for you.

How To Stop Feet From Sweating In Shoes

The main question is how to stop feet from sweating in shoes? It is not a unique question because most people facing this kind of difficulty can feel how irritating it is. However, the smell, sliding, slipping, and infection are the side effects of sweaty feet. 

Here is the authentic method for those who have had plantar hyperhidrosis. Let’s focus on how to stop sweating in shoes!

12  Different Ways To Stop Sweaty Feet

Follow these steps to help avoid sweat and smelly feet if you wear damp socks and toe-curling foot odor.

1. Wash Your Feet’s

If you have a hyperhidrosis problem, you should wash your feet daily with an antibacterial liquid or soap because dust and dirty sweating may attract bacteria which can make your feet smelly.

2. Stop Sweating With Antiperspirant. 

Sweat can come thick and quick when you have so many sweat glands on your feet. One of the most effective strategies to prevent excessive sweating on foot is to use a powerful antiperspirant. Therefore, before wearing Sports shoes, you should use the antiperspirant to keep your feet fresh and sweating-free. 

3. Use A Foot Deodar Ant Spray

Once you use the antiperspirant and are still sweating under your shoes, you need to de-stink your feet with the deodorant spray. It will make your feet smell good.

4. Use An Alcohol Wipe

To close the pores and reduce the sweating, wipe down your feet with an alcohol wipe. When you wear socks or shoes, do this before you wear them. 

Note: Remember this process will only help you temporarily.

5. Use Foot Powder 

You can also use the foot powders after washing your feet. However, it will help you to reduce your sweating and free you from fungus. Your feet will be dry, and you will feel calm.

How to stop feet from sweating in sandals

6. Use Corn Starch

You can also use cornstarch to keep your feet dry and absorb sweat. It is just like the foot powders. 

7. Absorb Sweat And Keep Feet Dry

Cornstarch absorbs sweat and keeps your feet dry and comfortable until you can put on shoes and socks, so dust your feet with the cornstarch and leave them there for a few minutes.

8. Put Baking Soda

While you take off the shoes, you should put some baking soda into the shoes to soak up excess moisture. This prevents the growth of foul-smelling bacteria.

9. Wear The Absorbing Socks

Change your socks daily and choose the absorbing socks. The best absorbing socks will make your feet breathable and free from sweating.

Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

10. Choose The Best Shoes

After doing all of the above methods, I would suggest wearing breathable shoes. Shoes should have a comfortable insole and ventilation that can make your feet sweating-free. 

However, poor ventilation shoes may be harmful to your sweating feet because they may cause injury to your feet with bacteria.  

11. Keep Your Shoes Dry

Keep your shoes on the ventilation surface to dry your shoe insoles when you take off the shoes. Dry shoes are less prone to odor.

12. Exercise And Diet

The best method to free the body is to eat healthy food. Try to avoid spicy and fatty food that can help you to reduce sweating. Alternatively, more water can also assist.

However, food is a significant influencer in emotional stress and sweating. It keeps you stress-free and sweating-free if you manage your diet.  


All the above will help you to stop sweating in the shoes. However, if you follow all the above methods and make your diet healthy, you will benefit from stopping sweating. 
If you also faced such type of irritation, I would suggest following the above methods as all the above methods help me a lot to How to stop feet from sweating in shoes. I am sure it will definitely help you.

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