If you are a fan of wearing boots, knowing How To Measure Boot Shaft can help you fit it out. Whether you are new to buying the boots or the oldest fan, you may consider the boots shaft measurement to help you fit on calves. 

How To Measure Boot Height

But, who knows the measurement of boots? How to find the person who knows how to measure the boot shaft? It may sound quite tricky to find someone who knows the methods. Why not learn the process and measure the boot shaft before buying? It is quite a pretty idea to measure your boots yourself so that you will not need to find someone for measure your boots size.

Here I will tell you the best method to measure the boot shaft.

Steps To How To Measure Boot Shaft Height:

Step 1

Firstly you need to identify the boot shaft. However, the boot’s shaft refers to the part of the boot that rises above the foot or over the calf. 

Step 2

Estimate from the arch to the top of the shaft and put one end of a measuring tape exactly above the boot sole, in the middle of the boot arches. Vertical position extends the measuring tape all along the boot’s exterior until it reaches the top of a shaft. That’s the height of your boot shaft.

Step 3

However, if you cannot measure the boots, I would suggest knowing the estimated height of the boot shaft. It might be simple. For example, if the size of the boot is 8.5 of the women’s boots.

  • The Ankle boot shafts range from 3 to 8 inches in length (7.6 and 20.3 cm).
  • The shafts of mid-calf boots range from 8.25 to 13.25 inches in length (21 and 33.7 cm).
  • The shaft of a knee-high boot might be 13.5 inches (34.3 cm) or longer.

The Boot’s shaft measurement depends on the size of the boots. If your boot’s size is smaller than 8.5, it will have a slighter short shaft. Alternatively, the large size will have the more large shaft. 

When comparing your size to an 8.5 sized boot, the difference in shaft size is usually nearly equivalent to the change in foot length; it also varies on the shaft size. 

How Do You Measure A Boot?

From the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot, I estimate the shaft height. Take the leg measurements from the bottom of your heel to just below your kneecap with a flexible measuring tape, then compare your measures to the boot specifications to determine how the boot will fit.

How Are High Boots Measured?

High boots are assessed in three different ways: shoe size, calf width, and floor-to-knee height. Sit on the floor with your leg bent at a 90-degree angle and have a buddy measure the most comprehensive section of your calf.


So now you can measure the height of your boots to fit them properly when you wear them. From the above article on How to measure the boot shaft, you will get the best idea and methods to estimate the boot’s shaft.

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