Cleaning your boots may be one of the toxic and headache things but only in a condition when you don’t know anything about cleaning them. I have seen most people worried about How To Clean Leather Boots, and are they still durable after cleaning or not?

How To Clean Leather Boots At Home

Well, you don’t need to worry about all of them because I am here to tell you how to clean the leather boots. Yet before cleaning the leather boots, make sure the method of Cleaning The Suede Boots and leather boots are different. Because they both contain varying materials, you should focus on cleaning them with a method that will not tear the leather off your boots.

Things You Will Need To Clean Them

  • Cotton Clothes
  • Liquid cleaner
  • Conditioner
  • Silicon spray
  • Beeswax

Methods To Clean The Leather Boots

Here are several methods you need to do for cleaning the leather boots. However, it is very easy and effective as I have also applied this method before.

1. Cleaning

Firstly, you need to pick rough cotton clothes to clean the boots. It is the most effective and cheap method because you will not need to buy separately from the market. Even in every house, people have rough cotton clothes that they can use to clean their tables, furniture, and boots.

So, cleaning the boots gently by using cotton clothes. Although if your boot’s laces are also dirty, clean the laces first, then remove the dust from the boots. Then clean up the uppers with a moist cloth. Wipe the soles’ outer rims as well as the rubber toe protectors.

2. Use The Little Damp

If the shoes are still dirty after cleaning with the clothes, use a cotton tool to remove any leftover filth while the shoe is still damp. Use the wet cloth and clean the leather where you see the stubborn marks in it.

Make sure to clean the laces first and pay close attention that not even a tiny part leaves with the stain.

3. Wet & New Cotton Clothes

Once you cleaned the boots, try to use the new wet cloth to clean the dirty marks. And wait until the boots dry. I like to use a wet cloth to clean my boots gently because this process helps take the dirt off the boots.

4. Conditioning

After drying your boots, use the conditioning on them. However, several conditioners give the shoe sheen, so if you do it regularly, your boots will last longer, and they won’t have to re-waterproof it that often.

Besides, you also don’t have to condition your boots until they’re worn out. New boots have been sitting in a package for months, if not longer, drying out, and applying a coating of conditioner right away will help revive them.

So if you have the old boots that are your favorite, you can apply the above four methods to cleaning your boots every week. Once you use the conditioner on it, your boots will shine like new so that you can also wear them for going outside or even to a party.

5. Waterproofing

A conditioner can extend the waterproofing of your hiking boots. Still, if you’re rough on them or find that water doesn’t bead up the surface, it’s necessary to replenish some waterproofing solution.

However, you can use the old-school beeswax, silicone spray, or a liquid-based wax, whatever you can buy easily, or you have in your homes. I would recommend using silicone spray because it is one of the easiest to apply.

How To Clean Black Leather Boots

Alternatively, the beeswax not just rains gear the leather, but it also conditions and preserves it. For this purpose, I utilize beeswax on full-grain leathers, but if your boots have such a Gore-Tex liner, you must avoid beeswax. Since it can reduce the material’s breathability instead, use a solvent wax for full-grain leather boots with Gore-Tex.

So for the process, use small cotton clothes and utilize the wax into the cloth. Apply the thin layer into the surface of the boot and wait until it absorbs. Once it is absorbed, repeat this process 2-3 times until the leather stops absorbing the wax. After doing this, use the clean rug to clean their excess.

6. Buffing

Don’t overlap the spray or wax as it provides you with the new conditioned boots. After this, take the horsehair brush and strike on the leather gently and softly. Your leather boots will start to shine, and it looks incredible like new boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Leather Boots?

You can simply dip cotton into the alcohol and rub the stains on your leather boots for your ease. But remember, avoid using too much rubbing because it may break your shoe leather.

Is Vaseline Suitable For Leather Boots?

For your leather work shoes, Vaseline is a good choice. The petroleum jelly mixture not only softens but also protects the leather from cracking. Not only that but Vaseline can also be used to waterproof your boots and remove scuffs and scratches.

What Is The Best Thing To Clean Leather With?

Applying the conditioner into the warm water cups and mixing 1 tablespoon of baby soap and vinegar in the bowl will help you. However, use the microfiber cloth to rub a mixture into the leather boots. While applying the soak, your boots will be moistened and leave dirty marks.


So, here is the method of how to clean leather boots by using effective methods. Thanks for reading the above article and spending a minute on this post. I hope you will learn how to clean them. Although if you have unique and different tricks that work, please share with us in the comment section.

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