Do you want to look forward to each step, but the clumsy boots will back you off? Or do you have a favorite pair of shoes which get stains and dirty marks? Well, there is a solution for you on How To Clean Boots Suede. Therefore you can wear your favorite suede boots on occasions, parties, and casually.

How To Clean Suede Boots At Home

The suede boots are the most popular choice amongst women, and they like to wear shoes on occasions and at parties. But I am seeing everyone is worried about how to clean them. Because no one can throw it into the garbage; however, if you are also the person who wears the suede boots regularly, you can use the below method to get rid of the stains.

Are Suede Boots Durable After Cleaning Them Or Not?

This is one of the most highlighted questions while you wear the boots and cleaning them, which are durable or not. After a well-researched search, I have concluded that the suede boots are the most durable of all boots and shoes. However, they are long-lasting and will provide you a highly breathable soft touch.

It also provides you a cooling temperature while you are wearing the suede boots. Despite this, it will hold warmth like leather, which will realize the booties for winter so that you will not feel any discomfort while you are wearing the suede boots.

But its leather is quite durable, which may be more prone to pick dust if you wear it every day. Thus it is necessary to clean the suede boots before you start to wear the suede shoes.

How To Clean Boots Suede At Home

There are more ways to clean your suede boots at home, but only some methods work. Yet, I have compiled the ways to easily clean the boots without applying much effort. Here are four easy steps that will help you clean the trainers, suede, boots effectively, heels even sandals.

So it is not the specification that this method will only work to clean the boots. Although you have dirty and stained sandals and heels, you can apply the below method.

Things You Will Need

  • A flannel or face cloth
  • A nail brush or suede brush
  • White vinegar
  • Rubber or eraser

Instructions To Follow

Here are some of the main methods with the above tools that you should consider one by one. Don’t work too much quickly, because if you work so fast, your boots may lose their leather. 

Method 1 – Use The Brush

Use the suede brush or nail brush and start to rubbing it on your suede boots and beginning by brushing the boot’s surface with a light stroke to eliminate loose debris and dirt.

How To Remove Stains From Suede Shoes

But, remember to brush with the grain when brushing (AKA, in the same direction the suede naturally sits). However, if your boots have more stubborn marks that will not be removed by scrubbing the brush, apply the pressure on the brush and rub it. Swift back and forth direction that helps to raise fallen suede marks to clean it easily. 

If your boots have had dirty marks for a long time, wet and wipe off the excess by scrubbing with the brush. After this process, you should have to dry it. Once it is dry, you can see the remaining dirty marks. Then apply the next method to clean it.

Method 2 – Use The Rubbers 

Secondly, use the suede rubber and rub the stains on your boots. But if you have the regular pencil eraser, it will work more quickly than the suede rubber. Consider this a more robust approach to removing scuff marks, in which you apply steady, back-and-forth pressure to assist in dislodging any excess particles.

If still, the stains do not remove, don’t force to apply this method again because it will break out the leather of your boots if you apply it again. 

Method 3 – White Vinegar

If stains do not remove after trying the above two methods, try to put white vinegar into it and rub them with alcohol. In this case, if your stains are old, the stains may take time to remove. That’s why whenever you get dirty stains on your heels, boots, sandals, or any other footwear; I would suggest removing it as quickly as you can.

How To Clean Suede Shoes With Vinegar

Use the white vinegar and rub it until the stains do not remove. But remember, don’t rub it hard; however, it may break the leather of your boots. Try to rub it, the stain will remove gently.

Method 4 – Finishing 

Once you try the above methods, the dirty stains will be removed. When it comes to suede shoes, the adage “prevention is better” is undoubtedly true. However, not all leather protectors are the same.

Once you remove the dust and stubborn marks on your boots, try to keep them in the box or cupboard after wearing them. And apply the above method again if you get dirty marks again. 

Can You Wash Suede Boots?

Yeah, you can wash your suede shoes for cleaning them. But not all suede shoe materials are offered to use for a long time. So firstly, check the materials of the suede boot, whether it’s durable or not, then wash them. I would suggest cleaning your boots with vinegar and a towel instead of washing them.

Does Water Ruin Suede?

Suede shoes may be wet and still be worn, but you must treat them soon after that to avoid damage, which can be time-consuming. It’s advisable to avoid wearing suede shoes totally if you think it’s raining or you’ll be in an area where your shoes might get wet.


Most people think it is quite tricky to remove stains and dust from boots. However, it is very easy to remove the stains and stubborn marks, as I mentioned above. I have told you everything as per my experience as I have followed the same above methods to remove the stains.

So if you are worried about How to clean boots suede, You can simply apply the above method and get rid of the stain.

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