How To Break In New Cowboy Boots Introduction

Cowboy boots are also known as western style work boots, Historically worn by cowboys. A stylish form of riding boots. Traditionally they have high shafts and heels that make them a unique design. The heel is made up of stacked leather, rounded to a pointed toe. Traditionally, they have no lacing. Normally, they are made from cowhide leather but some exotic skins like alligator, snake, elephant and ostrich are used for premium looks.

How To Break In New Cowboy Boots

Different companies and brands are now launching different variants of cowboy boots by following traditional style and look. It’s a little bit of a moment of excitement when you bought a pair of cowboy boots or western style boots. But they are firm, hard and tough. Leads to discomfort and is difficult to wear at first. May harm and hurt your feet while leather stretches a little bit causing comfort to your feet. 

There are many ways for breaking in your cowboy boots but they do not always work for you. Here In this article I compiled easy and perfect ways for quick comfort.

How Do I Wear My Cowboy Boots Instantly? Easy Stretchable Technique

Steps To Follow:

Put On Your Boots

First, wear your boots. Remember the more you wear your boots the more they will adapt to your feet. You can also steam your boots or shoes with a clothes steamer and also with the help of a boiling kettle. Can steam make my western style boots comfortable and flexible to me? Of course buddy you can make your tight cowboy boots comfortable by following my tested and workable ways. Moreover, Steam your boots gently with a kettle steamer. This makes the boots more flexible and easy to wear without any disturbance and discomfort. Don’t use too much steam as it fades or dries your leather and decreases its quality as well. Then wear your cowboy boots and check your boots by walking around at home. And keep your boots clean and take good care of them. However, the more you take care, the more they will last. 

Double Up Your Sock Pair

While you’re breaking into your new  boots, wear two pairs of socks. As it’s a better way to break in your boots. It will help stretch your boots, the more you wear them. The large amount of force from your foot will resultantly stretch your leather. But It will invalid If you just wear your western style boots and also walk with these boots as this makes your feet more adapted to your footwear. Suggested to wear these boots for a walk daily this will help make the boot leather a bit more stretchable, flexible and pliable.

Put A Bag Of Frozen Water In Your New Cowboy Boots

It is a painless option to break into your boots and leads to an easier option to stretch your footwear. Get a tightly sealed bag with water and put it in your boot’s toe. Then place a paper or newspaper back of the water bag so that it is properly placed. And put it into the freezer for several hours. Water expands as it freezes that causes your leather to expand from your toe. Providing you flexibility and a little toe space for comfort/relief.

Get A Professional Boot Stretch Sprays (leather Softening Sprays)

 best boot stretch spray

Get professional boot sprays for your western style boots for easy and quick stretching. 

Leather softening sprays are easily available in the market. They not only enhance your footwear but also provide extra flexibility, durability and elasticity to your tight and tough cowboy boots.

You are ready to go!

Pro Tips

Here are some pro tips for you. You can upgrade your new cowboy boots to the next level.Follow these tips to prevent sore feet and blisters in your shoes or boots while you’re breaking in your boots.

  • As I mentioned before, I used leather conditioners for instant comfort and shine. Leather conditioners make your boots more stretchable, durable and good looking as well. So, highly recommended.
  • Try to use socks that are especially made for these boots or shoes. They enhance your footwear and deliver an extra cushioning surface. Giving you reliability and relief when you wear them. 

If you need extra support and mobility then you should wear branded cowboy insoles. They reduce the risk of slippering, falling and tripping. Moreover, they are designed to deliver softness and comfort to the wearers.

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